CANCER November 2021: Disrupt the status quo and lead the charge. Progress will happen quickly!

CANCER November 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is the jaguar and grasshopper.

  • Jaguars are the third biggest cat in the world after tigers and lions. In Mesoamerica, many tripes worshipped these majestic cats as gods.
  • Shamans, in particular, viewed them as a protective totem capable of crossing between the world of the living and the dead.
  • Like this totem, you can walk through a major life change with ease this month.
  • Jaguars are apex predators who sit at the top of their food chain. Don’t give up this month, because you have the power, voice and authority to succeed. Channel the Empress and Emperor energy!
  • Jaguars are also a keystone species. They help keep certain herbivores from over-harvesting the foliage trees and brush. Without jaguars, the forest ecosystem would be thrown out-of-balance.
  • You too, are a key component to creating peace, balance and tranquility in your environment.
  • You may be called to step into the role of mediator, advisor or counselor.
  • Jaguars can run at up to 50mph/80.5kph. Now’s the time to get things done more quickly in your life. To that end, you may experience punctuated bursts of productivity. Embrace them when they come!
  • Grasshoppers represent agility, speed, movement and luck.
  • Grasshoppers predate dinosaurs and represent the ability to survive, evolve and thrive.
  • If humans could jump as far as a grasshopper—which is 20 times its body length—it would be the equivalent of a football field.
  • Leap beyond blocks. Work with people who are open to new perspectives. Disrupt the status quo!
  • Grasshoppers warn us against over-consumption. Know your budget and limits. Seek balance throughout all aspects of your life.
  • Some grasshoppers can make music. You may find that yourself pushed into the role of a conductor. You have what it takes to make relationship harmony or synergy happen.
  • There’s an “elephant in the room.” If you have something to say, now’s the time to address your hope, fear, idea or concern.
  • Set the stage and steer the narrative. Don’t waste time.