CAPRICORN May 2021: You’re weaving a web of opportunity that’ll capture and accelerate your dreams!

CAPRICORN May 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the spider, a symbol of creativity, connectivity and the law of attraction.

The spider reminds you that you are the creator of your own fate!

Each thought and each deed constitutes a section of your “cosmic web.”

It’s never too late to start over or rebuild—it just takes time and patience.

Just as a spider can sense danger (or opportunity), you are also working with heightened intuition.

Trust how you feel when you make key decisions; the frequency will always reveal itself!

In some folklore, spiders can represent tricksters, like Iktomi or Anansi. Be discerning.

Don’t get caught in someone else’s web of drama or trouble. Cut these ties.

Some spiders dance as a part of their mating ritual. Put in the effort this month when it comes to making a good first impression. Pull out all your tricks and go the distance.

You have a magnetic quality, like the spider’s web. If something didn’t work before, try again!

Start something new and stick with it. You’ll see it to fruition using this newfound magnetism.

Your beliefs directly affect manifestation. Keep the vibration as high as possible.

Dream something beautiful and hold that vision in your heart. Dream it, see it, be it!

You’re being guided by either a family member that’s passed or an ancestral spirit guide.

This ancestral guide delivered two messages. The first is that you’re on a one year cycle of growth, from now through April 2022.

The guide showed me a field of grass (knee-high in length) and she proceeded to spin around in circles.

Then, she delivered a second message: “Things will happen so fast your head will spin.” Suffice it to say that you may have to wait a bit to see progress on a manifestation, but when it comes to fruition, it will change everything.

From now until mid-2022, keep your balance and don’t lose track of where you’re going.

I was shown an empty photo frame. Then, I was instructed to find a photo, frame it and hang it up. A deceased relative is honoring your memory and welcoming you to do the same for them. You’re still part of their energy.

Create new memories that are worth framing. Life is too short to wish away. Make time for the good stuff!