CAPRICORN November 2021: Be the light source. You have the power to attract what you want.

CAPRICORN November 2021 Channeled Messages: Your triple totem is comprised of mountains, volcanoes and plate tectonics.

  • As I connected to today’s messages, a theme of solid structures versus movement came through.
  • Can we be both grounded and flexible? Yes. The phenomenon exists within the Earth itself. Over millions of years, as the continental plates converge, diverge or transform, the Earth’s surface slowly changes; islands and volcanoes form, oceans grow or shrink, and land masses collide. Change can be both fast (Hawaii, Himalayas) or slow (Glaciers, Andes Mountains).
  • Not all change happens at the same pace, but that doesn’t make it any more or less important. Don’t compare your progress with others.
  • Temperance, The Hanged Man and The Six of Swords are associated with the beginning of the month. Patience and timing are key.
  • Volcanic energy represents the power of creation and destruction. Both are vital.
  • Mid-November will provide movement in the form of Tower, Death or Judgment energy.
  • The Volcano totem is a call to action. Where can you make the biggest impact right now?
  • You have the power to create a movement or change. Just believe in yourself and follow through.
  • Part of this month will require a concentrated burst (or sprint) of energy and attention.
  • It may take awhile for the dust to settle, but once it does, you’ll see the bigger picture.
  • Control your emotions. Rather than an eruption, direct them in a constructive way.
  • Mountains represent the accomplishment of a goal… a journey’s end or beginning. This totem is associated with The World, The Fool and The 10 of Wands.
  • Whether you’re in a group or traveling solo, you’re right on track. The last leg of the journey may be challenging, but rewards await you.
  • Look at how far you’ve come and envision a goal completed.
  • In dreams I was shown The Empress. She indicated that, even if you experience a false start, this time the outcome will be different. You’ve changed.
  • Learn the history of a building before you move, or an object before you bring it into your life. All things carry and emanate energy.
  • Spiritually deep-clean and declutter your living space. Smudge as needed.
  • Be the light source, don’t seek it in others.