CAPRICORN October 2021: POWERFUL & POSITIVE changes are underway, as signified by Justice, Judgment, and Transformation Cards

CAPRICORN October 2021 Channeled Messages: Your triple totem is comprised of the Equinox, Cornucopia and Squirrel.

  • During the Equinox (Sept. 22) the Sun shined directly on the equator, so both Northern and Southern Hemispheres received the same amount of sunlight.
  • It signals a period of ends and beginnings, as well as a chance to bring balance into your life. Three cards are closely associated with the equinox—Justice, Death and Judgment.
  • Justice reminds us to create balance, set intentions, and to cut old cords.
  • Death reminds us that transformation is underway. It’s a time for closure, release, and to find new perspectives.
  • Judgment is a time for reinvention, rebirth, acceptance and harvest. You can now reap the rewards of your hard work.
  • Equinox is derived from the Latin aequinoctium, which means “equal night.”
  • Now’s a time to balance the light and dark aspects of our lives.
  • Whether the days are waxing or waning, remember that you always carry the spark within. You can either go within (The Hermit) to heal, learn and develop or shine like the star and apply your knowledge and experiences.
  • In Greek mythology, the cornucopia is associated with Zeus. He was nursed by the goat Amalthea when his mother (Rhea) hid him from his father (the Titan Kronos). There are various accounts as to how the Amalthea’s horn broke off, but the symbolism remains the same; the goat’s horn came to represent plentiful abundance, harvest, and sharing.
  • The fact that Capricorn is the goat is auspicious. You are the cornucopia. It’s not some shiny thing you must win; the abundance lies within (if you’re ready to share it with the world).
  • This lucky symbol also represents positive movement in the areas of health and wealth.
  • The squirrel is a powerful totem, reminding us how important preparation is to success. Some squirrels can even glide through the air, showing that great progress can be made if you keep your eye on your goals.
  • Squirrels can be forgetful, however. Take a moment to look at resources and goals; you’re closer than you realize.