Collective Reading (All Signs) • Plus: Moving through Cycles of Rebirth with Dragon, Air & Sword Totems

In this Collective (All Signs Welcome!), we’ll be working with dragon energy to create movement in your life. This will be especially helpful to those of you starting something new or overcoming a loss.

An ascended dragon deity came to me in humanoid (female) form, wielding swords, and commanding the element of air. We’ll talk about her messages, plus additional channeled messages that came through for the Collective.

A general reading will follow, with two mini readings on letting go of old chapters and starting new ones as we move into the next Full Moon. We’ll close with a dragon-themed meditation.

Your totem is a Dragon.
Your elemental force is Air.
Your energy is Divine Feminine (Receptive).

In dreams, I met a female dragon, an ascended master who appeared in humanoid form. I pulled cards upon meeting her, including Death, Strength, Six of Wands, Two of Pentacles and Ace of Wands.

The Death Card represented an imminent change. It would be best if you welcome the energy of transformation, as the changed seemed inevitable. It’s better for you to be the agent of change, rather than wait for the Universe to decide what’s best.

Release what no longer serves you and focus on movement.

Choose growth over stagnation!

The Strength Card is encouraging you to rebuild. Some of you are nursing literal wounds, while others are healing emotionally and spiritually. With Strength by your side, you are encouraged to be gentle with yourself and place your health and general wellbeing first.

The Six of Wands is an auspicious symbol of success. However, it also means that people are going to show their true colors. You’ll be able to discern between trusted allies and fair weather friends.

The Two of Pentacles is telling you that a choice must be made (by you) to bring forth growth and expansion. You can’t do everything at once. Focus your efforts.

The Ace of Wands indicates that change creates growth. You’ll leave the present situation better than where you started. Keep your head on straight and follow your vision to fruition.

Remember to: limit scope, make a choice and stick with it, and observe your own limits (say no if needed).

The Element of Air symbolizes movement.

Move or be moved… its your time to step into the dance of creation.

The deity was a dancer and said you will dance again, too. You just have to try.

The deity also carried swords and danced gracefully with them. Remember to speak your mind, cut old cords, take action and make a stand in your life.

I saw a vision of a traveller lost in an airport. The message here is to focus on your destination. It’s okay to feel lost sometimes. Take time each day to plan, reflect and connect to purpose. No spiritual tumbleweed!

I saw that someone who normally does an amazing job may trip up and perform under your expectations. Focus on their track record and help them regain perspective. Express gratitude.

Some of you are in a point in your career where you’ve lost connection with what sparked your passion.

If you feel like you’re stuck behind a closed door, it’s time to walk out and find a path with more fulfillment. You’re not as trapped as you feel. Imagine (and create) something greater.

I saw a vision of someone trying to steal candy from a store. They were caught on video, but tried to shift blame. If someone in your life is not taking accountability it’s time to put a stop to this pattern. Be honest, be firm and help them see their potential. Ultimately, change is in their hands.

I was shown a cookie jar, representing a “filler” energy. Work on integrating and healing instead of going for a temporary fix.

Don’t apologize or sell yourself short when making a key pivot in career, love or life. You’ve got this—but only if you believe it.