Crystals, Part 4 of Intuitive Development Series

Here’s a video focusing on the power of Crystals, Part 4 of the Intuitive Development Series.

Crystal Sources: Cooper Babcock ( sourced the Selenite Sphere, Citrine Point and Herkimer Diamond. Other crystals were purchased from: Spellbound Sky, The Crystal Matrix and other metaphysical shops in L.A.

  1. This is so timely and your amethyst from Sedona is beautiful! Your rose quartz is almost heart-shaped, which I love! I bought two small Rose Quartz crystals, one of which has a wavy edge that seems like a heart. I’ve recently being buying crystals and keeping them in my office closet. This room is where I have my computer and where my cats often stay. I have them sitting on a pretty tray, yet I have quite a few and I’ve placed the little papers that came with them that explain their specific energies. I also put them in order based on their chakra emphasis. I hope I don’t have too many on one tray, yet I thought they looked pretty and unified that way and I often take and hold one and read the energy meaning and my intention. Examples would be my Snowflake Obsidian or Blue Lace Agate. I’ve been buying them to dispel negative energy (partner) around me, and to promote clarity in my decisions. I love your video channel. Thank you for sharing your gift with such compassion.

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