End-of-Month COLLECTIVE / All Signs: Energy Check-in • Creating Balance • Sparking Passion

COLLECTIVE CHANNELED MESSAGES: The collective spirit totem is the ocean. As the birthplace of all life on the planet, the ocean reminds us to go back to the source.

  • Simplify matters. Don’t overthink or needlessly complicate things.
  •  Often what we need is right in front of us. The solution is already known.
  •  Perpetual motion is the ocean’s defining feature, from the creative and destructive force of its tides to the millions of species which inhabit it, the ocean never stops moving or changing. (Neither should you!)
  • Like Neptune, which helps us see dreams, illusions, spirituality and fears, it’s time to fan the flames of passion in your life.
    The ocean is subject to the gravitational pull of both the Sun and the Moon. You, too, may find yourself at a fork in the road, torn between two options. Remember: you have your own gravity. Make the choice that calls in what you desire most.
  • In the ocean, we can move in any direction—up, down, right, left and everywhere in-between.
  • Opportunities can come from unexpected places.
  • Love, too, can come when (and where) you least expect it.
  • The ocean breaks things into smaller parts—even things as large as the Titanic. You’ll benefit from doing the same. Deconstruct, organize and delegate for maximum success.
  • We only know a fraction of what exists within the ocean’s depths. Like this great, undiscovered country, it’s important to keep an open mind and a sense of curiosity.
  • You create your own reality. Don’t box yourself in, like the 4 of Cups. Instead, expand and dream, like the 7 of Cups!
  • When manifesting, be specific. Add “all this or greater” so the universe can give you an upgrade.
  • Let things come to you… don’t try to control every little thing. Go with the flow!