Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Before you email me with a question, please take a look at this list. Click any question to see the answer.

How can I support your YouTube Channel through a one-time or continuing contribution?

Take a look at my Become a Patron page for full details. 

How do I reschedule or cancel my appointment?

Up to 48 hours before your reading, you can cancel or reschedule your appointment on your own. Just go to your confirmation email (the first one you received after booking your session) and click on the blue button titled “View, Change or Cancel Appointment.” Cancellations are not possible with less than 48 hour’s notice (see below).

NOTE: All schedule changes must be made more than 48 hours in advance or you will be charged the full rate for your scheduled reading appointment. Additionally, if you fail to show up for your session, you’ll be considered a “No Show” and will be charged for 100% of the cost of your service as well.

For more information, read the entire Cancellation & No Show Policy and the Terms of Use.

When do your YouTube videos come out?

Are your Monthly videos for Sun, Rising and Moon—or all three?

They are built with your Sun in mind, but you can absolutely use them for all three—Sun, Rising & Moon!

What are your rates for readings? What is your availability for readings? How do I book a reading with you?

For answers to all three, see my scheduling page. Everything is listed there. Simply click the type of reading you would like, enter your Time Zone, and you’ll be presented with my schedule. Note: all prices are in U.S. Dollars

On your scheduling page, are all your prices listed in U.S. Dollars?

Yes. Prices are all in U.S. Dollars and I accept payment via credit card. See my scheduling page to book now.

What is the difference between the types of Priorities you offer (e.g., ASAP, RUSH, etc.)

ASAP Priority is the fastest way to see me, followed by RUSH. Standard Priority is for follow-ups or appointments where you’re not in a hurry to see me.

Visit my main scheduling page for the most up-to-date information.

How can we meet for a reading? (i.e., phone, Skype, etc.)

  • I conduct all readings via Skype Audio, FaceTime Audio or Telephone only. Skype and FaceTime do not include video. If you live outside of the U.S.A. or Canada, I require that we use either Skype Audio or FaceTime Audio to avoid long-distance fees. Alternatively, you can ring me directly. If we experience technical issues with Skype or FaceTime apps, then the call will revert to telephone-only.
  • I do not offer in-person readings.
  • To respect privacy, I never record readings. Please take notes during our session.
  • Events: If you want me to interact with a larger group or do a special event, email me using this special form and we will see if it makes sense. Rates vary according to the engagement.

Can we meet in-person?

No. I offer Skype Audio, FaceTime Audio and Telephone readings only. I do not conduct readings via video chat. See my scheduling page to book now.

Do you offer email readings?

No. I offer Skype, FaceTime and Telephone readings only. See my scheduling page.

Do you provide a recording (e.g., MP3) of our sessions?

No. To protect everyone’s privacy, I do not offer recordings nor are they permitted. Please take notes instead.

For further reference, see my Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.

Can you do a Couples Reading?

No, I read for one person at a time only and I only read for one person per household (e.g., if you book an appointment with me, I will not read for your boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse, ex-partner, child, etc., as this creates privacy and confidentiality conflicts).

How and when do I pay you for a reading?

Do you offer Gift Certificates, Series Packages or Special Offers?

  • I do not offer gift cards or certificates any longer. If you received or purchased a gift card in the past, those are still valid (as long as they have not already been redeemed or reached their expiration date).
  • Current Special: If you book a reading between June and December 2019, you’ll receive a 10% off code for the following reading, redeemable within six months of booking.
  • Book today: See the scheduling page to view my current selection of services and availability.

How do I redeem a Gift Certificate or Coupon Code?

Note: Gift Certificates and Gift Cards are no longer available. Additionally, I ask that you do not enter booking information on behalf of another person; only the person who is going to speak with me should fill out the booking form.

The information below is for clients who previously purchased a certificate.

When you purchased your Gift Certificate, you’ll receive a code. If someone bought it for you, they should have that code. Once you’ve located it, follow these steps:

  • Go to the scheduling page
  • Click on the appointment type you’d like (the price will crossed out for eligible appointments).
  • Select your Time Zone
  • Choose the Date & Time that you want
  • Fill out the form
  • Click Redeem Gift Certificate or Series
  • Enter Code
  • Click “Complete Appointment

How do I subscribe to the Official Newsletter?

You can do it right here on my website.

How do I unsubscribe from your Official Newsletter?

Scroll to the bottom of the last newsletter you received. Find and click the unsubscribe link in the footer.

I've subscribed to your Official Newsletter, but I need to change my email address. How do I do that?

If you need to change your email address, the easiest method is to first unsubscribe, using the link at the bottom of the newsletter. Once you’ve successfully unsubscribed, use this form to subscribe again using your updated email address.

I just have one quick question… can you answer it for free?

Due to the sheer volume of email I receive, the answer to this is “no.” My monthly YouTube readings are always free, and hopefully they can provide the guidance you need if you can’t pay for a reading. If you’d like, you may book a reading with me using my online scheduling system.

Where can I find your Cancellation Policy, Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

What deck were you using in your video?

Here’s a list of the decks I currently useIf you don’t see the deck there, keep an eye on the page as I update it quarterly.

Can I bring my child(ren) to the reading?

No. In order for both of us to stay focused, readings are intended for adults 18 and older, only. There are no exceptions to this policy. Also, per my Terms of Use, all readings are intended for those who are 18 and older only.

How often can I book a reading with you?

This varies from person to person. For some, a single reading may provide everything they need. For others, it may be advantageous to do follow-ups or separate big topics across a couple of readings. My general advice is to allow some space between readings (at least a month) so that you can live life, use some of the knowledge that you gained from the last reading, and see what feels best to you.

Right to Refuse Service: If, after our first session, it’s clear that you’re in need of medical or other professional advice, I will ask you to seek that advice before continuing with me, as I am concerned about your safety first and foremost. I reserve the right to refuse service in these cases, and/or if you become abusive towards me and/or uncooperative.

Disclaimer: Nicholas Ashbaugh is an agent of Nicholas Ashbaugh, LLC, a for-profit California limited liability company. This company does not offer medical, psychological, legal or financial services of any kind. Should you be experiencing any kind of emergency, please seek professional help or call 911. Services of company are for entertainment, spiritual and educational purposes only. By using this site, watching any videos and/or booking a reading, you agree to the Terms of Use.

How do telephone, Skype or FaceTime Readings differ? Are all readings done in real time?

  • All readings are done via voice-only. So, essentially there is no difference between a telephone call and a Skype or FaceTime one, other than the technology used. 
    • Even if we use Skype or FaceTime, video is not enabled. It causes delays, technological hiccups and degrades quality of the calls. Additionally, it distracts me from meditating and focusing on the questions-at-hand.
  • All readings are done in real-time. I’m at one end and you’re at the other and we talk. 
    • I do not offer email readings.
    • I do not record readings, nor are such recordings permitted.

What's your shortest appointment length?

60 minutes. See my Appointment Scheduling Page to book today.

I do not offer shorter appointments at this time.

Can I book you for a TV, Radio or Streaming show? How about newspaper? Do you make other types of appearances?

For radio, television, streaming, telepresence or virtual events, I can participate if they can be produced or broadcast from L.A.

For Special Events, I’m only open to those set in the L.A. Metro area.

Email me using this special form to get the conversation started.

To simply say hello, send me a postcard. See the Contact page for the address.

How can I update my pledge, change my billing info, or cancel my contribution altogether?

How do I cancel my PayPal recurring contribution?

I have a question that isn't listed above. How can I reach you?

All of this info is available on the Contact page.

  • Technical problems? You can reach me via my Technical Issues contact formThis form is only intended for urgent messages only. Do not ask for advice using this form, as I don’t give free readings over email. Due to the volume of emails I receive, I may not be able to answer every message I receive.
  • If you’re a member of the press and want an interview or special appearance, use this form.
  • If you want a reading, you can book one using my online scheduling system.

Want to say hi or thanks? Send me a postcard!
If you’d like to say hello or thank you, this is the preferred method. I get a lot of email and I’d rather receive a postcard instead—one that represents something beautiful about your city, culture or something that inspires you. Please send postcards only; letters and packages will either be returned or discarded.

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