GEMINI April 2021: Like a willow tree, you can bend others to see your point of view. Be strong and perseverant!

GEMINI April 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the willow tree, reminding you that you have both strength and flexibility. You can bend without breaking! Trust in your perseverance.

You have the ability to sway others with your charisma and communication skills.

Willows also symbolize fertility and divine feminine energy (The Empress).

This is the perfect time to take creative control and sit in the driver’s seat.

Willows love water. The fluid energy of this element symbolizes a rush of intuition and ideas. Open up and be the channel through which this knowledge can flow.

Remember to drink ample water. Also, use water for clearing and cleansing rituals, or in your meditations, if you feel inspired.

Willow roots are persistent. You have a great chance to see an idea take root and grow this month. Don’t give up!

Focus on joint health and flexibility. Remember to stretch and move.

Open your mind and seek others who do the same. It’s good to have an idea that is “out there”—this is how innovation and growth are born.

You may not always be able to affect the decisions of others, but you can decide how to react. Understand the lesson and release a fixation on what could have been; focus on what you can control!

The Judgment card reminds you that your thoughts are alchemic; they can shape and create new opportunities.

The most powerful moment in manifesting something is not the accomplishment itself, but the initial decision! That act of calling in something is what makes it happen.

Say, “I am ready, capable, willing and deserving of happiness, love, abundance, success and growth.”

See it, then be it!

Be honest with yourself. Avoid saying “yes” to everything.

Be direct and honest with others. Set firm boundaries.

If a change is needed, make it happen. Be the voice of reason!

Ultimately, the decision sits with you, which is empowering.

Your courage will inspire others.