GEMINI January 2021: Like a firefly, your passion and charisma are drawing in new partnerships

GEMINI January 2021 Channeled Messages: Your nature totem is the Firefly. It reminds you to be your own light. Like attracts like energy. So, broadcast a high frequency, and shine your light—especially when others cannot.

You can (and should) be standing out from the crowd.

Differentiate yourself. Celebrate what makes your soul unique.

Fireflies are passionate creatures; they light up the skies to find mates. Similarly, your charismatic energy can be channeled in either work or love and will attract new opportunities in the weeks ahead.

There’s always a lighter or brighter perspective, even in the dark. Find that and focus on it.

If you can’t see your own light, how can others?

It’s time to move or move on from something.

You are more resilient than you may realize.

Like propagating a plant, you can put down new roots—even if you have none at the moment, or were pulled from a situation quickly.

Now is also a time to prune and detach from old patterns.

This will promote new growth and abundance in your life.

Tune into your dreams; you are receiving guidance there.

For those who have trouble remembering, dictate or write down your dreams.

Meditation and automatic writing are also excellent ways to tap into your intuition. Remember it takes many forms; don’t limit yourself to how you can receive messages.

If you can laugh, smile or have fun, do it! If not, find someone who can help. Joy and play are essential to spiritual/emotional health and growth.

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