GEMINI July 2021: You’e on the verge of a big life change—are you ready to take the first step?

GEMINI July 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the ladybug, with a special focus on how it undergoes a butterfly-like metamorphosis from a larva into a winged beetle.

  • Ladybugs are beneficial insects renowned for their ability to rid plants and crops of aphids. A single ladybug can consume 5,000 aphids in its lifetime!
  • The red coloring of their shell serves as a warning to predators.
  • It’s a reminder for you to put up proper boundaries and develop a thicker skin.
  • Like butterflies, ladybugs go through several stages of growth. They hatch from eggs in 3-5 days; they feed as larva for up to a month; the undergo a metamorphosis in a pupa state for 15 days and they emerge as an adult that lives for one year. Change is the only constant in their early lives. It’s a reminder for you to embrace the changes in your own life. Soon, you can spread your wings!
  • Phase 1: Egg/Genesis. Now is the time for you to begin something new.
  • Find a way to challenge, engage or expand your mind/body/spirit.
  • Areas where you previously felt a block will now open. Invest your energy wisely.
  • Phase 2: Larva/Growth. Things only happen when you nurture and feed them.
  • Set priorities and keep them.
  • Reevaluate anyone or anything that inhibits your ability to grow and explore.
  • Phase 3: Pupa/Metamorphosis: Change happens internally first. Don’t make a big shift until you feel it.
  • Change can be scaring, exciting and exhilarating—move along this rollercoaster and embrace the flow.
  • Phase 4: Adult/Time to Fly! The hardest part of making a change is uttering the words or taking the first step. Remember how hard you worked and trust the process. It’s time to spread your wings.
  • Ladybug wings are hidden from view and are folded like origami. You may not know your own potential. Give yourself (and others) a chance to see what’s possible.
  • Detoxify your life. Be mindful of what you consume (food, media, time spent with others, etc.) as it affects your growth, health and energy.
  • I was shown an image of a clam. It felt as if you were holding onto something, or someone was shutting you out. Release blocks like this.
  • Friends, lovers and coworkers need to reciprocate; if not it’s time to focus your energy elsewhere!
  • Be mindful of tight shoulders, TMJ and other places your body may be processing stress.
  • In my dream, I was walking in the rain, observing all the green plants pushing through the soil. Emotions may run high, but finances are improving. Tap into the creative flow.
  • Move where your heart and intuition lead you.
    I saw an image of you at the top of a mountain, symbolizing the 10 of wands. You will overcome the challenge-at-hand.
  • You now are faced with the question of what’s next? You’re being given a new chance and a new perspective, should you choose to embrace it.
  • A guide was dictating a recipe—but I felt that improvising was necessary. A great chef knows when to deviate and follow their gut. Each one of us has our own path, our own calling, and our own recipe for success.