GEMINI June 2021: Partnerships will yield new ideas and abundance. Two heads are better one!

GEMINI June 2021 Channeled Messages: You have a triple totem comprised of a cosmic egg, a nest and a fly.

An ancestral guide showed me a hole in the ground, then placed a nest in it, followed by an egg. Two birds followed, and they securely guarded the egg. This is very auspicious.

It’s a symbol of partnership and fertility, but not just in the literal sense; it can also show financial aid, emotional support, and assistance with finding more resources. If you don’t see what you need now, rest assured it’s en route.

The nest can indicate a new home or a pending move.

Two heads are better than one. Consider asking for help or feedback when it comes to projects or major decisions.

The nest on the ground also reminds you to stay focused and grounded in your purpose.

If you’re building something from the ground up, then protect and nurture it.

Waterfowl often build nests on the ground, near water. So this can also symbolize a water sign arriving in your life.

I saw a cosmic representation of a hanged man. A noose around his neck was cut by his sibling, giving him a second chance.

Sleep is required to properly prepare for the opportunities ahead.

Neck, eye, brain and mental health take priority. Recovery is possible, but again, rest is needed.

Siblings or friends may come to the rescue when you least expect it.

I was shown a fly on the wall. Watch out for prying eyes and listening ears! Guard trade-secrets and patents.

Assume that what you say will be shared, so don’t say something that’s under a nondisclosure or legal agreement.

I was given a pop quiz about determinate versus indeterminate errors. The moral of this vision was not to obsess over things you can’t control. They’re often karmic in nature, and provide context. Instead, learn what you can and keep moving forward.

In the vision, I felt frozen (or paralyzed) by trying to be perfect. You don’t have time for perfection. Do your best and keep growing with each step you take. It’s more than enough!

I saw information overload affecting some of you. Be succinct, narrow your focus, and don’t wait until the 11th hour to start to prepare.

A lack of time or preparation for a deadline could wreak havoc. Too much is on the line to wing it.

Keep receipts and invoices for your time. This will help later if someone tries to shift blame. It can also help you get recognition or advancement. It’s basically a win-win precaution.

As I gazed at a soccer (football) field, I was reminded to play offensively, not defensively. In short, be proactive and go forward with a clear plan.