GEMINI March 2021: Like a trinity, you’re multidimensional. Let go of doubt—success will ensue!

♊️ GEMINI March 2021 Channeled Messages: ☘️ Your spirit totem is clover.

Your voice, message and ideas can have mass appeal.

This can be positive (e.g., good word-of-mouth). It can also get out of hand with respect to gossip. Assume that everything will get back to the source.

Use speech in a positive and productive manner, and elevate it whenever possible.

Your spiritual awareness is heightened, and growth is underway. Find a way to integrate your intuitive downloads and interests in your everyday life.

Like the trinity, which clover symbolizes, you are not defined by simply one thing—be it age, job, gender, etc.

You are capable of so much more—which is good, as you may be asked to step out of your comfort zone. Embrace these new roles and responsibilities. Let go of your disbelief.

You are multidimensional. You simultaneously pull from the past, integrate it into the present, and project what will be in the future. You can (and will) be fine.

Like bees, who are attracted to clover blossoms, you have the power to pollinate and distribute (grow and market) your ideas.

Decide what you want to nurture, and focus on that.

Pay extra attention to bone health, cholesterol, blood pressure and hormonal balance.

Keep faith in your own abilities and trust in a higher good or power.

Increased visibility could mean new opportunities, but it also invites more scrutiny.

Do your homework. Prepare for the tough questions and you’ll be ready when the spotlight is on you.

Fix any big issues now before they get unruly—the sooner, the better!

Relationships may be challenged by timing or availability.

Honor prior agreements and beware of entanglements.

Child-like wonderment can spark creativity.