GEMINI May 2021: Listen to others, and to your inner voice—get all the details before you commit!

GEMINI May 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the bat.

Much like intuitives, bats can see things other animals cannot, using their highly developed echolocation. They use ultrasound frequencies to navigate, hunt and explore the world around them.

Like the bat, you’ll find listening is essential this month. Let others share and reveal what they want (or need to) before you speak.

Look beneath the surface, especially when it comes to contracts and agreements; there may be a hidden detail or snag that you can sort out.

Intuitive skills can be further developed this month—particularly clairaudience and claircognizance (hearing and knowing).

Set aside time to meditate. Listen to your inner voice and tune out the distractions and/or naysayers.

Remember to ground yourself, shield, and set the parameters before you meditate.

The same is true for sleeping. Calling in protection and setting an intention for your dreams helps you sleep more soundly. It also aids with lucid dreaming, if that’s something you’re developing.

The bat roosts upside down and is analogous to The Hanged Man. Like Odin, who hung upside down from the Tree of Life to obtain knowledge, there is a trade-off between time spent and a return on that investment.

What parts of your life feel stuck? Where are you giving but not receiving? Now’s the time to balance the exchange!

Unlike The Hanged Man, bats have wings… so, progress is possible. Let your dreams take flight!

Bats play an important role in the pollination of mango, banana and guava fruits, plus many varieties of cacti. They also help with seed dispersion and insect control. Like bees, this is a sign of fertility and abundance.

As an animal which is often misunderstood, there’s a lesson here to keep an open mind and rely on the facts. You may find allies in unexpected places!

Is work or stress affecting your sleep routine? Or, are you not feeling rested? Make sure to meditate and work on alleviating stress. Reduce alcohol consumption, caffeine or sugar as well.

I saw an image of a cornucopia at harvest time. I felt the energy of the Judgment card, which means it’s time to reap rewards, make a decision, and rise above any setbacks you may have experienced.

I had a dream message regarding money. It’s important to back up any discussions surrounding cash with hard facts and figures. If you’re purchasing a large ticket item, selling a house or negotiating a salary, you must be able to illustrate why the number makes sense. Otherwise, negotiations will spiral into endless bids and counter-bids.

Your reading occurred just after an earthquake. You have the chance to rework or reconfigure your current situation. The World and Tower (Reversed) energy means that you can make changes in your job, living situations and you can create other tectonic shifts elsewhere in your life.