GEMINI November 2021: It’s time to move past stagnation and turn a new leaf. Networking is key!

GEMINI November 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is the mushroom and tree frog.

  • Mushrooms symbolize moving past stagnation, rebirth and transformation.
  • Mushrooms appeared on the planet around 715 to 800 million years ago and once towered larger than trees. The mushroom’s persistence on this planet throughout its evolution is a testament to their ability to adapt. You, too, can persevere and change as needed.
  • Mushrooms symbolize networking, both literal and figurative. What we see above ground is simply the spore-bearing fruit body of a larger fungal network below the surface. It’s the tip of a very large iceberg.
  • Remember that much of your personal growth is happening beneath the surface as well. Embrace this and find a way to share this with the world.
  • The collective is stronger than a single voice. Start a grassroots campaign, or get a group consensus… Others will have no choice but to listen.
  • The fruits of your labor are now starting to pay off. Timing is everything.
  • Accept and embrace your higher calling. Like Judgment in Tarot, you know what to do.
  • Where are you stagnating? What’s holding you back from trying something new?
  • Branch out and reach out. Change is easier (and closer) than you think.
  • Tree frogs are a symbol of movement, power, surprises and hidden truths.
  • Although small, their toe pads can hold onto surfaces with surprising strength. You have the ability to make ideas and new habits “stick” too. However, you may also be holding onto something too tightly, like the 4 of Pentacles.
  • Let go of fear and allow abundance to flow.
  • Some tree frogs secrete poison and represent the 7 of Swords energy. Pick your battles wisely and don’t say things that hurt others. Avoid others who spread gossip or rumors.
  • Tree frogs have a bird’s eye view and remind us to get the big picture.