GEMINI September 2021: If someone sees your potential, listen to them. Opportunity is knocking!

GEMINI September 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the whale shark. This gentle giant is the largest living fish species on Earth. It feeds by filtering plankton and small fish through its large mouth. Given its size, docile nature and its ability to live up to 120 years, this is a symbol of abundance, peace and longevity.

  • Don’t be intimidated by others, and don’t be surprised if others are intimidated by you.
  • Break the ice and put others at ease. Use open body language as well.
  • If someone sees your potential before you do, listen. Sometimes it’s easier for others to notice the growth we’ve done because they have more distance and objectivity.
  • Think expansively and go BIG with your energy. It’s not the time to be shy, subtle or quiet.
  • Like The Star or The World, the conspicuous nature of the whale shark means it’s time to be seen and lead others.
  • As a filter feeder, this totem reminds us of the importance of being discerning and focusing on what matters most (and what feeds our soul).
  • You are also capable of consuming and absorbing vast amounts of knowledge, just like the 8 of Pentacles. It’s time to learn. Pick up a book, take a class or do something that exorcises your mind and memory.
  • I saw someone pursuing you. Decide if this is welcome or not. Signal your intention accordingly. Running will only exacerbate things.
  • I was shown expensive clothing and a successful meeting. However, after the meeting, I saw an empty wallet and too many clothes. Don’t overspend when it comes to wardrobe or appearance. Pick one or two items only; your skills and personality will take you the rest of the way.
  • The meeting felt like either an interview or a first date. If it’s an interview then you’ll make a great impression.
  • If it’s a date, the energy felt too formal. Adjust the conversation and don’t make it an interrogation.
  • It’s easier now to connect with Spirit than it has been in the past. Set up a time to chat with and receive messages from your guides.
  • Remember that messages can be subtle, including a thought, a feeling or an external sign in the environment.
  • I saw an emphasis on your office space. If you work from home, focus on setting it up to your liking.
  • This may also symbolize a new job or opportunity on the horizon (Ace of Pentacles).
  • Like the whale shark totem, make sure this opportunity is big enough to allow for growth and fulfillment.