Intuitive Development Series, Part 1: How to Recognize Psychic & Intuitive Gifts

Check out my new video on recognizing psychic/intuitive skills. I discuss Psychometry, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience, Clairalience, Clairgustance and Claircognizance. Enjoy!

📺 Watch video:
      1. Hi Nicholas,
        Thank You for this supportive ,motivating & for me much stronger ,preciser working guidance this month.i hope i can keep it in my daily conscience & make good improvements.

  1. Wow, all the things you spoke about I have experienced myself as well. However, lots of times I didn’t trust what I was experiencing. This is just a great confirmation that I needed to stop doubting. Please keep them coming. Very much enjoyed it. Thank you. Much love and light to you! ?

  2. Hi Nicholas, This is such a wonderful video and just when I needed it. I do tarot myself and sometimes while doing tarot for others or when I do too much Tarot, I feel a heaviness on my chest. It is as if someone has put a lot of weight on my chest. What sould I do then? Should I stop doing Tarot for that person or should I protect myself better and how?
    Divine Gratitude

    1. You’re very welcome. Regarding your question, it sounds more like an empathic phenomenon than something Tarot brought on. Work on grounding your energy through meditation. Shield yourself energetically through envisioning a pillar of light around you. Use a protective stone around your heart space… amethyst, quartz, onyx or anything that is green or rose colored. Find a stone that speaks to you. Infuse it with light and let this protect that space.

      1. Thanks Nicholas for your prompt reply. I will definitely meditate more. I keep a black onyx and clear quartz, while doing Tarot. I shall probably add a Rose Quartz or Amethyst too. Keep spreading the light.
        Divine Gratitude

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