LEO April 2021: Your voice matters! Speak openly and speak frequently in order to firmly establish your seat at the table!

LEO Channeled Messages April 2021: Your spirit totem is the Yellow Warbler. Its message is clear: your voice matters!

Speak openly and share your ideas and insights frequently. This will help establish your seat at the table!

In dreams, I was shown a situation where another person was prone to theatrics. Do not let them get under your skin. They’re just trying to monopolize the spotlight and take center stage.

Warblers are protective of their own space. Find your inner warrior and stand up for yourself (and your ideas).

Like the 37 species of this bird, variety and diversity are necessary components to success. Celebrate and explore diverse points of view.

Get a bird’s eye view of the situation. It’s time to get out of the weeds and away from the minutia.

In nature, a Cowbird often leaves an egg in a Warbler’s nest. Warblers recognize and reject this egg. Remember: you are not responsible for other’s problems.

Be accountable and expect the same from others. Stand your ground.

This is the perfect time to spread your wings and flex your independence.

I saw a vision of a house in disrepair. The roof, foundation and walls were cracked. Some walls even had holes in them.

The cracks represented items on your to-do list which require attention. Don’t procrastinate. If you attend to them now, you’ll avert the larger problems. If you wait, those cracks will get deeper and you’ll be forced to face them head-on.

Holes in the wall represented a portal. Now’s the time to change and try something new.

Brick-by-brick we create walls to protect ourselves. Too often, those walls block the good as well as the bad. Now’s the time to open your heart to new experiences. Break down the walls!

Sometimes it’s easier to start over than to try to fix a crumbling Tower.

The hole in the roof is a reminder to look up and try another way. Elevate your perspective.

This is a month for Spiritual Archaeology—a chance to discover your inner workings and reclaim dreams that you’ve put on hold.

Incubate and feed these dreams until they grow!

Unlike the Great Gatsby, choose to focus on the here and now, rather than waxing nostalgic. You can change today, which affects the future. The past is just context. Be present and be powerful.

Journal and take notes. Great ideas will emerge. Just open up. Remember: journals are not play-by-play diaries… they are places to keep sketches, dream interpretations, ideas and powerful symbols. Think of it in a more alchemic way!