LEO January 2021: Your flexibility is put to the test, but your intelligence and creativity shine through!

LEO January 2021 Channeled Messages: Your flexibility will be put to the test this month, but you’ll prevail. In fact, you’ll shine!

Like an Octopus, lean into your intelligence and creativity, especially when it comes to problem-solving. Work smarter, not harder.

Much like a chameleon or mimic octopus, your ability to adapt to new environments is key to your success. Use your empathy and emotional I.Q. to intuit what the other party is thinking. Tailor your communication accordingly, particularly in negotiations.

An unconventional approach or out-of-the-box idea is worth exploring.

You may be tasked with juggling many priorities at once (think: 8 of Wands). You’re ready and capable of doing this.

However, delegate and prioritize so you don’t feel depleted. Leadership opportunities are calling.

Your thoughts can help you change internally and externally, but ground them in tangible action.

Thoughts + Words + Action = Magic. (Thoughts alone aren’t enough. But when you combine them with action, you’ve got practical magic.)

Develop and honor your signature style. Don’t water it down. If others push or reject who you are, seek out a more welcoming environment.

Honor all contracts and agreements. Start the new year off with a clean slate by doing what you said you were going to do.

Pay special attention to the fine print!

An image of a flat tire presented itself, represented energetic exhaustion.

Patch and repair energetic leaks in relationships.

Focus on health and wellbeing.

Change up your routine and re-invigorate yourself.

Focus on security and maintenance—e.g., weather-proof your house, repair your car, change your password.

Now is the time to repair, reorganize and re-imagine.

Watch full video herehttps://youtu.be/2v9HoGo2Yt0