LEO March 2021: Take a break from the routine & be fully present. A new path will reveal itself.

LEO Channeled Messages: ⛰Your spirit totem is a canyon.

It’s reminding you to take time to truly drink in all that life has to offer. Explore your options, and see what’s around you.

Taking a break from the routine can prove disorienting. At first, you may feel lost or even overwhelmed, but keep trying. Soon you will be acclimated.

A path will soon reveal itself; you just have to be still enough to perceive it.

You may feel inclined to diverge from what’s expected of you by friends or family.

Listen to your heart and follow your passion.

Just as canyons form over time, personal change also requires patience and persistence.

You may be asked to bridge the gap and meet someone half-way. Hold space and see if they’re willing to do the same.

We often move through life like a car on autopilot or cruise control‚ letting others pick our path or destination.

It’s your turn to take the wheel and drive. Decide how, when, and where to proceed.

It’s okay to ask questions and redirect. Be The Chariot.

Work, school and money aren’t enough to sustain your soul.

Your heart needs nourishment as well. What are you doing to feed it?

Find your spark of inspiration.

Oftentimes we wait and expect the universe to tell us what to do.

When, in fact, the universe is hoping we’ll discover it and call it into existence ourselves.

Speak up! (The universe is listening.)

Doors, once closed, may now re-open. But you must try again.

They key is your own belief and/or perception. See the possibilities, not the blocks or setbacks.

Life abounds with cycles which ebb and flow. Each winter brings a spring.

Create a plan for the next phase or cycle of your life.

Step into creation. Move the needle forward each day.

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