LEO May 2021: You can think yourself out of any challenge—just keep your cool and stay grounded!

LEO May 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the pig.

In my dream, the pig came through as a symbol of intelligence and problem-solving. You can think yourself out of whatever situation you find yourself in this month.

Pigs are very connected to the Earth. Ground yourself, both in meditation and in planning.

Don’t “wing it” this month! Do your homework and go into a situation prepared.

Root vegetables can also aid in grounding (yams, beets, turnips, carrots, jicama, etc.)

Be bold and make some noise if you need to!

Growth and abundance are within reach, but through hard work.

Roll up your sleeves and do the work. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty.

Like the King of Wands, you’re able to step into leadership roles and juggle many priorities.

Just avoid stubbornness or being “pig-headed.”

Listen and consider all sides before jumping head-first into something.

Literally, take a night and “sleep on it” before making a big decision.

Financial growth is possible, just keep good accounting records and all will be well.

Declutter your home and simplify your life.

Less is more. Avoid excess and create healthy boundaries.

Memories are a form of currency, too (not just money). What are you doing to make good ones?

Time management is key to health and happiness. Make strides for better work/life balance.

Break a spell or a state of being stuck by challenging your beliefs.

See yourself as blessed, not cursed. Focus on the act of creating something beautiful.

Let go of sibling rivalry or old competitive grudges. Put the energy on you, not others.

Reinvent yourself. I saw shapeshifting in my dream, which is symbolic of death and rebirth (i.e., the Judgment Card). Embrace the ability to move into a new you.

Don’t let age limit your experience. It’s just a number, and your soul is eternal.

If you were adopted or don’t know your exact birthday, pick the day and time you were adopted to calculate your chart. Or, single out a time you felt reborn and use that.