LEO November 2021: Don’t chase after an elusive pot of gold—you can create your own abundance!

LEO November 2021 Channeled Messages: Last month we discussed the goddess Iris during your reading. This month, her symbol (the Rainbow) makes a reappearance as your primary totem.

  • A rainbow is a prism of light which is formed when sunlight strikes spherical water droplets and we view those droplets at a 42º angle. The reflection, refraction and dispersion of light particles creates a distinct band of 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet and indigo.
  • Rainbows reveal something that was always there, but invisible to the naked eye—in this case, the different color wavelengths.
  • You’re also ready to see something with a fresh perspective. Once you see it, others will follow suit.
  • Rainbows also symbolize illusions. You can never reach the visible end of one, because it will continue to shift, due to the 42º viewing angle. As such, the end will always seem to shift to a new location.
  • Don’t chase after rainbows, or an an elusive pot of gold—you can create your own abundance!
  • Like the 4 of Cups, there’s a hidden blessing to where you are at this moment in time. You just have to shift your perspective.
  • You’re closer than you think to a desired outcome.
  • The grass isn’t necessarily greener on the other side. Be grateful for your present path.
  • In print and digital art, different colors are mixed to produce the same effects. There’s more than one way to get something done. Keep an open mind (7 of Cups/Ace of Wands). Remember to paint with all the colors in the palette… otherwise, you might be limiting your potential.
  • The separation of souls based on labels is arbitrary and unnecessary. You have more in common with others than you imagine. Work to find areas where your collective common interests diverge.
  • In dreams, I saw a deviation from a predetermined path. Many of you are forging your own road.
  • People in your life may try to push you to conform to their expectations. Hold true to yourself. Use your voice and push back!
  • Explore your divine masculine and feminine. It’s time to break down stereotypes.
  • Advocate for yourself and others. New voices, faces and ideas are key to growth.
  • Avoid gossip and rumors at all costs. Focus on unity and cooperation.
  • The Fool card rules the month ahead. View each day as a step towards your new adventure.