LEO October 2021: If it rains, expect a rainbow. (Hope and self-confidence will ignite possibilities!)

LEO October 2021 Channeled Messages Your triple totem is the Iris. It’s comprised of (1) the Greek Goddess Iris; (2) her namesake, the iris flower; and (3) the pigmented muscle in the human eye.

    • In Greek mythology, Iris is the personification and goddess of rainbows. Like Mercury, she traveled extremely fast, and her path from heaven to Earth was marked by a rainbow.
    • She was a winged, water-bearing goddess that served as a chief messenger to Juno, Queen of the Gods.
    • She could travel to Hades, the Underworld, where she filled a pitcher with water from the River Styx. The river water was used during oath-taking ceremonies.
    • This water contained magical qualities—namely, if someone drank the water and then perjured themselves, they fell asleep for one year.
    • Always speak the truth and be authentic (true) to yourself as well.
    • Be concise and expedient with respect to all communications.
    • Don’t leave others waiting.
    • Iris (the flower) was named after Iris (the goddess) because its petals look like fine silk, and because its blossoms are available in just about every color under the rainbow.
    • The flower represents hope, faith and devotion.
    • The fleur-de-lis is associated with royalty, power and beauty.
    • Lead by example. Step in and show the way if others fail to take action.
    • In the eye, the iris is a pigmented muscle that controls how much light enters.
    • You function as an iris as well; open up and see the light!
    • Help others shift their perspectives as well!
    • Use visual aids and cues to convey information more effectively.
    • It’s time to move beyond any toxic or low frequency environments.
    • You have what it takes to do something on your own, if needed.
    • Be very picky (discerning) when it comes to new partnerships!
    • Popular doesn’t necessarily mean better; trust your heart.
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