LIBRA April 2021: There are no ends, just new beginnings. Every day is a chance to start fresh!

LIBRA April 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the Wolf. Listen to your instinct. Feel out the situation on an energetic level above all else, and trust what comes through.

Focus on familial healing and setting boundaries. Reciprocity is key.

Relationship loyalty will be tested, and true colors will be revealed. You may experience a moment where someone shows support and steps up to the plate, or perhaps falls short of expectations.

Either way, it’s a blessing… You’ll now know who’s on your side and in which relationships you should invest your time and energy.

If you find yourself in a position where you feel like a “lone wolf,” it’s a sign from the universe that you can do this on your own.

Moments like this often inspire a renewed spirit of self-reliance or entrepreneurial independence.

You can also attract a “chosen family,” which is often stronger and more reliable than blood relatives.

A true friendship can emerge during an intense or stressful situation as well. Like chosen family, these relationships typically stand the test of time.

Clear the karmic ties in new relationships before you proceed.

Defend your dreams, ideas and points of view. Others may be interested, but they’re testing to see if you’ll stand your ground.

Explore and embark upon the next phase in your journey.

Rather than chasing down your dreams, call them into being!

See every day as an opportunity and an adventure, unburdened—or perhaps even lifted up—by the previous day.

Lean into grace and gratitude. You will shine, even when challenged.

Assume the best until proven otherwise. Help others see their highest potential.

Believe in your own capacity for growth, change, recognition and abundance.

Make yourself a priority, especially if you’re the glue that holds everyone else together.

Set a goal and make it stick! You owe it to yourself—you WILL successfully see it to fruition!

There are no ends, just new beginnings. What’s next?