LIBRA February 2021: Like the hardy daffodil, it’s time to grow, bloom and reach for new heights!

LIBRA February 2021 Channeled Messages: Your nature spirit totem is the Daffodil (aka: Narcissus). This hardy bulb is among the first to bloom, and winter actually stimulates the growth; in other words, it’s a catalyst.

This period in the history of the planet is functioning the same way, as a sort of symbolic winter. It’s stimulating personal growth and signaling an upcoming change.

What will you do in the “Springtime of your Soul?”

As Narcissus learned in mythology, not everything is what it seems. Go deeper than what you see on the surface and explore what lies beneath.

Now through April is the time to do that crucial inner work, including—but not limited to—spiritual, creative and intellectual awakenings.

Ask questions. Take your time. Get to know yourself and others.

Be of service to yourself and others.

Shift the lens to a global perspective.

In relationships, this is a time of discovery—both internally and also together, as partners.

You can discern who they are, who you are, and why you’re in this partnership.

Many of you may find yourself at a turning point: you’ll either move together as a team or diverge in pursuit of new paths and experiences.

An image of an empty house came to mind and its message was clear: this is a time for a clean slate.

What truly fulfills you? What occupies your time but leaves you feeling empty or yearning for more?

This is a time to balance everything out and commit to a path of true fulfillment.

Open your mind and energy to receiving love and abundance in all forms. Do not block your potential or lessen the flow of abundance through limiting thoughts.

Be realistic with yourself and others. Ask for help if you need it, say no when necessary. You’ll begin to attract people who respect these boundaries. You’ll also be able to focus your efforts on the things that truly matter.

Be patient with yourself, as progress takes time.

Honor the past by not repeating old lessons. Choose a new path instead.

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