LIBRA January 2021: It’s time to wake-up and break-up a cycle. Open the door and take a chance!

LIBRA January 2021 Channeled Messages: It’s time to wake-up and break-up a cycle. If you feel like you’re stuck, now’s the time to change that.

Don’t be afraid to open the door and walk into a new opportunity. It could take 3 or 4 attempts to make the desired progress, but the change is worth the work.

You may feel disoriented or uncertain at first, but it’s okay.

Change is a mix of energetic and emotional forces and frequencies.

Mourning what is lost or being left behind (during a major change) is normal.

Excitement and anticipation of what’s possible often follows. Lean into this as it will allow growth.

In addition to that, you may feel frustration, impatience and uncertainty as you work to facilitate your new goals; this is all part of the “roller-coaster of change.” Honor these up-and-down emotions, but don’t let them rule you. Instead, focus on your goals-at-hand and have fun creating.

It’s better to be awake and alive than asleep and unaware.

Remember: anything is possible—especially the good stuff.

Like a chameleon, you are capable of adapting, healing and surviving. You can change and thrive in any new situation.

You can recover from any loss and come back even stronger.

Others may underestimate you, but this could be advantageous. Pick your moment to stand out and make an impact or change.

Remember: just because you can blend in doesn’t mean you have to.

It’s time to sit in the driver’s seat and take back control. If needed, challenge a superior, especially if they’re headed in the wrong direction.

Slow down and avoid making a mistake.

Work/life balance is essential. Make time in your schedule for rest and recharging.

You or someone you know may need an outlet to help process anger.

Cleanse yourself of old emotional baggage and scars from family or loved ones.

There’s no need to act, disguise or shield your true colors. This is your time to step into your true calling.

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