LIBRA July 2021: You’re one step ahead, so sometimes people don’t understand. Just trust your gut, and get to the finish line!

LIBRA July 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual totem is the dove and seahorse.

  • Doves are a universal symbol of peace.
  • They also show a connection to the Divine Source.
  • Messages are coming through as long as you’re willing to receive them.
  • Let the other person talk as it may reveal something that will help you get to the bottom of a challenge.
  • Listen, validate and then share your point of view. They’ll listen in turn.
  • Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, is associated with doves. Her chariot was drawn through the sky by a flock of them.
  • Relationship harmony will be vital to success and happiness. Balance is key… is your energy being reciprocated?
  • The Chariot can symbolize control issues. Step back and let go of frustration. Avoid arguments.
  • In Mesopotamia, the dove was associated with Inanna (Ishtar), Goddess of Love, Sex and War. Choose your battles wisely. You have to keep your eye on the big picture.
  • Offer the olive branch and use your communication and leadership abilities as needed.
  • Libra is ruled by Venus, so if you can shift your thoughts into the frequency of love, you’ll find your power.
  • Love yourself, make time to put your passion into something special. It doesn’t have to be love, but it should bring a sense of joy.
  • Seahorses are unique because the male carries the fertilized eggs of the young, showing the perfect union of Divine Masculine and Feminine energy.
  • Seek the same balance in your life. You may find yourself exploring themes of equality, breaking down old paradigms, or surprising people because you do the unexpected.
  • Remember to take turns at the driver’s wheel, metaphorically speaking. In other words, ask for help if you need it, and lend it if you can.
  • Above all, be receptive. The Universe is opening up new opportunities for you.
  • Don’t rely solely on Artificial Intelligence (AI) or technology to get the job done; the human touch is needed! Oftentimes, the computer will miss something or misinterpret key pieces of data. Slow down and proofread.
  • You would benefit from a change in your routine. Try something new, as it could bring about a new friendship or spark inspiration within you.
  • You’re ahead of the curve and may confound friends and family!
  • Trust your gut. External validation is nice, but you don’t need it!
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