LIBRA June 2021: Turn on your charisma and lead, don’t follow—a new chapter is revealing itself!

LIBRA June 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the sunflower.

Young sunflowers exhibit heliotropism, that is, they follow the sun from sunrise to sunset (until they reach maturity)

There is an analogous Greek myth about a water Nymph, Clytie, who fell in love with Apollo the Sun God. Every day she gazed up at the sky, hoping to catch his attention, but her love was unrequited. Eventually, she stopped eating and drinking. The Gods took pity on her and transformed her into a sunflower so she could continue watching Apollo move across the heavens.

Learn from Clytie; avoid giving your love and/or power to those who cannot (or will not) reciprocate.

Follow your own North Star. Your path may differ from what is expected of you, and that’s okay!

Strengthen your solar plexus chakra and work on reclaiming power in key relationships.

Let your inner light and joy shine through. Your charisma is the key to successful negotiations and finalizing deals or contracts.

Focus on your joint and bone health. Sunflower oil has anti-inflammatory properties.

Tiny florets comprise a sunflower head and remind us that we are part of something larger. Don’t underestimate your power, contributions or ability to influence and inspire others. Own your strength.

Sunflowers are self-sufficient and can pollinate themselves if needed. You, too, can create a sustainable, abundant future (think: 9 of Pentacles).

I saw a washer/dryer without proper electrical and plumbing connections. Make sure you have the tools (and skills) to get a job done. Hire someone, or ask for help if you need to.

It’s better to speak up now before you get in too deep. Be proactive and vocal.

Be mindful of working with family or friends. Define roles clearly and compensate everyone for 100% of their contributions and efforts.

Also be careful not to mix love and work. An argument may ensue, not to mention other complications with coworkers.

Say what you need to say. Others are ready (and they’re waiting for you to take the lead).

When you do so, make sure you own the feedback. Any attempts an anonymity will fail. It’s best to be direct, kind and succinct.

What is the return on your energetic investment?

Be discerning and make sure you’re not over-committing. Work smarter, not harder. Delegate as needed.