♎️ LIBRA March 2021 🌤 Now’s the time for movement, change & release—make some noise & make it count!

♎️ LIBRA: ☁️ Your spirit totem is a cloud, signaling a month of movement, change and release.

🦶🏽 If you’ve been dragging your feet on anything, it’s time to move forward.

🥾 It’s far better to be an agent of change than play a game of catch-up.

📣 Make some noise—but make it count!

⌚️ Pick the right time and place for said communications.

☑️ Come prepared and expect the best.

🌦 Like a raincloud, emotions run deep and require a proper release.

🙇🏽‍♂️ Channel your emotions creatively if you’d like—they can provide motivation and fuel for productivity.

⚖️ Libra is often the listener, therapist, peacekeeper or nurturer. Now it’s your turn to receive a little support and love, too. Ask for help if you need it!

🤚🏾 Pay attention to how easy or difficult it is to accomplish something. Friction and delays are subtle ways for the universe to signal a change is needed.

💎 Like a diamond or a prism, it’s time to show other sides of yourself.

🏰 You’re only as limited in growth as your imagination allows.

📽 Move beyond what others have projected, imposed or expected of you.

💖 Shine from within!

🏔 You’ve made more progress than you realize. Step back and get some perspective.

🕊 Spirit often answers questions subtly. Stay open and observe the myriad messages in thoughts, music, conversations and more.

👨🏻‍💻 Reprogram your thoughts and ideas. You create your own destiny.

🧭 It’s good to step into uncharted territory; it keeps you alive, awake and growing!

🌈 Tomorrow is a new day. You never know what rainbow may follow the storm.

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