LIBRA May 2021: Be authentic, passionate and embody “The Star” energy. A breakthrough is possible!

LIBRA May 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the starfish, symbolizing regeneration, recovery and resilience.

Many species of starfish have the ability to regenerate lost limbs, or even split into two and clone their missing half.

You are whole and do not require another person to complete you.

Emotional and physical healing is possible. Just reach out and ask.

You can rebuild and rebound from any loss; just focus on what’s possible and have faith.

Set the intention for your recovery and growth to be greater than or equal to (≥) what you had previously.

Step into your power… the spotlight is on you.

Be the star by embracing leadership and mentorship opportunities.

When you see yourself as worthy, others will too.

Be authentic above all else. This authenticity is a magnetic, attractive force.

Like a star, you must organize what’s around you. Decide who and what is in your orbit. More importantly, decide what you wish to send into outer space, freeing your resources for better uses.

Break away from people or situations that inhibit growth.

Starfish have evolved in such a way that their vital organs are contained in their arms; they can even see with them. This sensory creature literally feels its way through the world, relying on instinct rather than over-thinking.

Take action this month and don’t second-guess your intuition. Go with the flow!

Like a supernova, the energy of death and rebirth permeates this moment in time. Try to create something new instead of repeating the lessons of the past.

Limiting thoughts equal limited potential. Release self doubt!

You don’t need to describe yourself as just one thing or another.

Think in global, or even universal terms. Reach for the stars!

In my dream, I saw you hit the snooze button and miss an event. Don’t procrastinate.

Set aside time to rest, meditate and plan. Working too hard can be counterproductive.

“Work your magic” and don’t deny your true talent or calling.

Approach your work with passion. Never give less than your best. If you find yourself unable to do so, it’s time to move on!

Expect a breakthrough or miracle.