LIBRA November 2021: Relationships are taking center stage, helping you thrive & grow this month!

LIBRA November 2021 Channeled Messages: 🍃 Your spirit totem is holly. This flowering plant appeared over 50 million years ago. It’s classified as dioecious, meaning there are distinct male and female plants, and both are required for berries to form. This totem reminds you that partnerships are going to be especially important during the month ahead.

  • Partnerships help foster success. They provide outside perspective, robust error-checking, unique expertise or skills, and a division of labor that can speed up delivery of products and services.
  • Thanks to its spiny leaves and poison berries, the holly plant is an expert at protecting itself. In folklore and magic, it’s used to ward off bad spirits.
  • It’s a good time to protect yourself. Make time to buy insurance, get legal advice, protect intellectual property, and improve online privacy settings.
  • As a symbol, it may represent difficulty in opening up to others, and vice-versa.
  • Soften the delivery of communication. It’s good to be direct and concise, but be cordial too.
  • Holly berries are toxic to humans and most animals, but some birds can consume them. Even then, they must pace themselves, or risk getting sick. Therefore, this symbol represents a need for moderation. Don’t under or overreact to things. Take a deep breath and get a bird’s eye perspective.
  • Separate yourself from toxic environments or relationships.
  • As a time marker, the berries appear in late winter and early spring. This may be an especially fruitful period. Use the time now to prepare for that.
  • Its use in holiday decorations can be traced back to the Roman Saturnalia celebration.
  • If your Saturn is in Libra, or if you’re approaching your Saturn return, celebrate this month as a personal season of change, growth and good fortune. Decide to embrace (and release) the lessons-at-hand so you can experience new things.
  • I watched as a stylist cut someone’s hair. They got carried away and cut off too much hair. The symbol represents the need to take small steps towards change, and to always be mindful of how rapid changes might affect those around you.
  • I watched as someone sat on the sidelines, waiting to join in the fun. Do your best this month to include others and to advocate for your own inclusion in key events.
  • Clean out the closet. Make room for someone or something new.
  • Refresh your wardrobe. Git rid of old karma and energy. Buy a new item to help manifest an occasion worth celebrating.
  • Clean up your files and get organized. You may be asked to provide paperwork during an audit.