LIBRA October 2021: Teamwork’s the key to getting things done. Decide now: are you the queen, or are you the worker bee!

LIBRA October 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is honeysuckle.

  • This is a magnetic totem. In nature, its intoxicating fragrance and nectar calls in pollinators, including butterflies, birds and bees.
  • Butterflies represent change and transformation in your life. Now is the time to release old patterns and make way for new growth.
  • Birds represent new ideas, communication, and projects taking flight. If you have a story to tell, now’s the time to tell it!
  • Bees represent teamwork. Together, you can get the job done. Are you leading or following?
  • Honeysuckle vines can grow up to 80 feet (24 meters). Now’s the time to send out your own feelers, too. Make a call, send an email… somehow, get the ball rolling in the right direction.
  • Honeysuckle can be used to treat urinary disorders headaches, diabetes, arthritis and cancer.
  • Focus on overall health and wellbeing, particularly detoxifying your life.
  • Avoid entanglements in love and relationships. Make sure you and your partner are on the same page.
  • Fixating on the past is not productive. Learn from it, and shift your attention to manifesting the changes you’d like to see in your life.
  • What are your dreams and goals? Let these be your compass.
  • It’s time to make a new cycle. Whatever you start, you’ll finish. New habits will stick.
  • I saw a telephone wire split into two pieces. The other side wasn’t receiving the message.
  • With Mercury going into retrograde from September 27th to October 17th, make sure your messages are both delivered and understood.
  • In person or video communications are better than relying on text, email or a letter.
  • I was shown a Track and Field practice session, signifying a big opportunity on the horizon. Now’s the time to “train” and prepare yourself.
  • Rest whenever you can because I saw “sprints” of activity coming through. You need to be ready to embrace them!
  • Teamwork will help with a competitive goal. There is power in numbers!
  • Iron out the details and don’t rush anything out of the gate until it’s 100% complete. Don’t sell something you wouldn’t buy yourself. Ask for more time if needed.
  • Spirit may awaken you in the early hours of the morning.
  • Strike when the creative muse appears. Remember to write down all your ideas!
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