Living in the Frequency of Love, Part 5 of Intuitive Development Series

Love is the universal currency. It’s the one thing we take with us at the end of our days and it’s the frequency of the Divine force from which we all came. So, it makes sense that to find love, we need to exist in the frequency of Love, with a capital “L.” That is, unconditional self-Love and unconditional Love towards others.

Too often we seek completion in others, often defining them as our “better half.” This is an old archetype, one that does a disservice to our partners and to us. During February, a time where holidays and commercial focus is on earning, buying or acknowledging love, let’s take a closer look at how to open our hearts, and call in higher Love in our lives.

Become the One You Seek. The first step towards attracting love is to look within. Do you truly love yourself unconditionally? If not, the work needs to begin there. If there are pieces of your life that are in disarray, focus on healing and improving them first. Then celebrate the work you’ve done.

Different is Divine. Look at the singular qualities that make you stand out from the crowd. Whether they are genetic, cultural or something deeper on a soul level, know that you played a part in programming your experience on this planet. In essence, if each of us is a creation of the Divine, then these differences are, in fact, part of the Divine plan, and stem from the frequency of Love. To not love them, is to fall out of synch with that frequency, and to push away opportunities for Love to find us in our lives.

Live in a Heart-Centered Consciousness. Once you’ve done the work on yourself, and once you’ve accepted what you cannot—and perhaps should not—change about yourself, then begin to live each day in gratitude and grace. Use your heart as a compass to decide how to spend the second most important currency: time. Cultivate friendships, learning experiences and business ventures that celebrate Love and elevate your energy. If you feel that a job, lover or activity in your life is bringing you “down” (literally lowering your energy and frequency), then step away from it and move towards something higher.

Easy Does It. Once you’re living, working and thinking in a higher frequency, don’t be surprised if you naturally start attracting people and opportunities that are healthier and more evolved. This sense of healthy detachment helps attract higher Love into your life.

You are Enough. Know that you started this journey on the planet to expand your consciousness and evolve as a soul. Partnership enriches this experience, but it does not define it, nor does it constitute a requirement.

Be Open, but Don’t Fixate. The universe comes rushing in when you least expect it. As long as you love yourself, your life, your work and feel fulfilled, Love will find you. At that point, it will be the icing on the cake, not the cake itself. 🙂

Wishing you much Love and light, now and always.

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