MID-MONTH COLLECTIVE (All Signs): Relationships & Love with a Capital “L” + Self Love/Acceptance

Your spirit totem is the butterfly. I saw a beautiful butterfly associated with the number 2—this could signify two days, two weeks or two months, but not longer than that, as there was an immediacy to the symbol.

After doing some research, I learned the average butterfly lifespan is about 2 weeks, which suggests a period of rapid growth is underway, and is likely to be taking shape over the next month. Many of you may feel like you’re in a metamorphosis.

Some parts of your life need to fall away to make room for the “New You.”

A butterfly tastes with its feet and has an evolved straw-like proboscis that allows it to drink nectar. This ability to always be “tasting” its environment reminds you to drink in each moment. Time is precious, so don’t let a drop of it go to waste.

Butterflies also carry both the energy of Death and The Fool, reminding us that nothing lasts forever—but also that ends bring about new beginnings, too.

You have a chance to make a big change now, but it requires a trade-off.

The fastest species fo butterflies can reach speeds of up to 37mph/60kph. Now is the time to catch up and make progress in your life. Spread your wings and explore all the possibilities.

A new person or experience may appear briefly, but they’ll leave a profound impact.

I saw a train station and a reunion of souls that had just “graduated” from a lesson. They pulled out a new set of seats for visitors that were en route. A karmic soul reunion is about to transpire. As stated above, this may be ephemeral yet life-changing, so make the most of it.

Biology doesn’t define family; a “chosen family” can be even stronger and more important as we get older. Take time to develop these connections as they’re important to the next phase of your development.

Don’t let a fight or disagreement derail your progress; someone may simply be afraid of seeing you succeed or grow. You’ve worked too hard for this moment.

Embrace the opportunity ahead of you and don’t look back!