PISCES April 2021: Time to awaken… A window has opened, ushering in spirituality, passion and purpose!

PISCES April 2021 Channeled Messages: You have a dual spirit totem comprised of the dandelion and honey bee.

I saw a sleeping honey bee on my door this morning, which symbolized latent energy. Prepare for an activation and awakening. It could be spiritual (e.g., kundalini awakening), or it might come in the form of a new idea or love in your life.

Whatever its form, the activation will happen fast. Just like the Knight of Swords, be prepared for swift movement and decision-making. It’s time to “think on your feet.”

The bee is a powerful, yet nurturing creature that symbolizes fertility and abundance. This will be a good time to advance in work and personal studies.

Avoid verbal barbs. Words can sting and it’s not worth it. Diffuse the situation instead.

It may be time to take on the helm of “Queen Bee” (Empress) and make things happen!

Dandelion greens and roots are nutritious. They’re rich in Vitamins A, C and K. Plus, they have fiber, antioxidants and other minerals.

Listen to your body and focus on controlling inflammation, blood sugar, blood pressure and liver health. Work with a doctor if you experience any of these issues.

Maintain a sunny outlook. Stay positive and cultivate new opportunities with this mindset.

The Strength Card came through psychically, reminding you to stand up and overcome control issues. You can and will succeed this time.

I saw water moving through a window. New opportunities are incoming. You may feel a creative rush of information or passion that you need to act upon.

You may also choose to do preventative maintenance to help weatherproof your house, particularly the windows and roof, since these are most prone to flooding and leaks.

I saw a waiting period of up to 3 months for those looking for a new house, due to escrow, probate or just cosmic timing.

Something may get lost in translation. Go back to the source and validate the message.

Open your eyes and see things from another person’s perspective.

You can’t force another to see your point of view, however. Simply plant a seed and let them digest the information.

I saw your body transform into a human-tree hybrid, symbolizing strength and flexibility. You’re also being asked to grow a thick skin.

It might take at least two attempts to achieve a dream, but it will happen.

Release fear and surrender to the possibilities.

Manage your energy. I saw a few “spikes” this month. With proper rest, you’ll be fine.

If you burn the candle at both ends, however, then something will have to give (think: burnout).

I keep seeing the #3. I also heard, “The wait is over.” You’re very close to manifesting a goal—perhaps within the next three months or so. Don’t give up.