PISCES August 2021: Now’s the time to redirect, do the right thing, and the amplify possibilities!

PISCES August 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totems are the God Mercury and the Moon.

  • In dreams, I was shown two mismatched shoes, which seemed to have magical qualities.
  • The Winged Shoes of Mercury (the Talaria) were a gift from Zeus that afforded him speed beyond measure.
  • Mercury (also known as Hermes) was the son of Zeus and was a bit of a troublemaker when he was a child. He was fast, cunning, and a bit roguish.
  • He ultimately changed his ways, however, and become the trusted messenger of the gods.
  • As a child, minutes after his birth, Mercury stole a herd of cattle from his brother Apollo. Eventually, his deed was discovered and he atoned for this crime by presenting his brother with a lyre.
  • In return, Apollo gave him the Caduceus, a symbol we now associate with medicine. The intertwined snakes represent power, healing and peace.
  • Honesty, justice and communication are key themes this month.
  • Mercury reminds us that it’s never too late to do the right thing. Offer the olive branch, and be open to the work and progress others are doing.
  • Like a screenwriter, you can always “re-cast” yourself and others in a new role. Allow someone to be the hero rather than the villain.
  • Your thoughts are superluminal; they travel faster than light. Use them to create real-time changes in your life.
  • In dreams, I saw someone skipping class and getting caught. Like Mercury, everything has a way of being revealed.
  • Do the work, show up on time, and add in extra time for anything involving computers.
  • Mercury is direct, but I saw difficulty connecting to a Zoom call or telephone conference.
  • People will notice your presence (and absence). Show up and make an impact!
  • Replace, repair or upgrade old tools and technology. This will save you in the long run.
  • The recent full moon works perfectly with Mercury’s messages; truths will be revealed.
  • Be honest with yourself, too. Chart a new course, if needed.
  • The full moon is like an amplifier, it makes emotions and energy feel more intense.
  • Release, visualize, rest and hold space for things to manifest.
  • In Tarot, The Moon can also show a territorial presence. Only fight the battles worthy of your time, energy and resources.
  • To counteract fear, inform yourself, create a plan of action, and remain hopeful.
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