PISCES November 2021: BIG Changes are incoming. Embrace new ideas, partnerships & opportunities.

PISCES November 2021: Your dual spirit totem comprises kelp and blowfish.

  • Kelp are large algae seaweeds which grow in underwater forests. They grow at a rapid rate of half a meter per day and can reach 30-80 meters in length.
  • If you’ve previously hit a creative or productive block, a period of rapid change and growth is fast-approaching.
  • Kelp have evolved small air bladders which allow them to float closer to the surface to absorb sunlight.
  • Air mixing with water is a positive sign, showing: symbiotic unions, elevated ideas and attainable goals.
  • Infuse your words and thoughts with positivity and possibilities. Aim higher.
  • A favorable pairing may take place, one with complementary skills and personalities.
  • An air sign may enter your life, or you may simply embrace your own communication skills.
  • Your ideas can take flight, so don’t limit them before trying first.
  • Kelp leaves are called blades and can represents Swords in Tarot. Avoid circular conversations and 5 of Swords style energy.
  • Take a deep breath before speaking. Words can shatter or elevate—choose the latter.
  • Kelp is rich in iodine, sodium phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, potassium and amino acids. Focus on balancing your diet.
  • Kelp forests are a safe haven and habitat for a myriad of life, such as invertebrates, fish mammals and birds. People may feel very comfortable around you, so set boundaries as needed.
  • A blowfish’s natural defense mechanism is to fill up its elastic stomach with air or water, until its body becomes a big sphere with pointed spines (scaring off many predators).
  • Someone may be acting out of fear. De-escalate the situation and start again.
  • Check your own body language as well as others. Take cues. Navigate accordingly.
  • Not only can a blowfish increase its size, but it’s highly toxic if eaten. Toxic environments, relationships and habits should be cleared from your life this month.
  • Blowfish have evolved these defense mechanisms to make up for their slow moving nature.
  • If you are resistant to change, it may happen anyway. Don’t be left behind.
  • Embrace the natural ebb and flow of things, especially change.
  • When listening, stay open, don’t get defensive. Ask for more information. Take everything with a grain of salt.
  • Fight for what you really want.
  • Be tactical… information, hard data, and well thought out plans are the best ammunition.
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