SAGITTARIUS March 2021: Keep a sunny outlook. Confidence & positivity bring in new partnerships.

SAGITTARIUS Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the lemon, reminding you to focus on solar plexus healing.

Now’s the time to embrace your power, self-esteem and confidence.

Doing so will allow you to tap into your inner light and truly shine.

Release any “bittersweet” relationships in your life, especially if you’re spending too much time trying to “sweeten” these energetic entanglements.

Clear, clean and purify your life this month.

Clear any patterns or habits that no longer suit your energy.

Clear the air between you and those you love. Release grudges.

Clean your house and work environment. This aids in mental clarity and also calls in higher-vibrational energies.

Purify and detox what you consume. This extends not only to food, but also music, television and the internet.

Brighten your outlook. Stay positive and optimistic. If you don’t believe anything is good, then you’ll miss the golden opportunities around you.

Be patient and don’t cut corners.

Sustainable growth takes time, perseverance and nurturing to accomplish.

Everything around you is a mirror; look each lesson straight in the eye so you can move onto something bigger and better.

You may be drawn to a higher calling. Listen to your soul’s desire for change and growth.

Making a simple decision can change your life’s trajectory. You have to choose when you’re ready. The universe is waiting for that moment of clarity from you.

Once you’ve made up your mind, “turn the key” and see what’s next. Do it now, not later.

Break free of old ways of thinking. Think outside of the box and break the glass ceiling.

Think even bigger and push farther than you’ve imagined possible. Don’t let fear stop you. You can (and will) surprise yourself!

Be discerning and don’t say “yes” to the first option that comes along. Do your research.

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