♐️ SAGITTARIUS March 2021 🌞 Keep a sunny outlook. Confidence & positivity bring in new partnerships.

♐️ SAGITTARIUS: 🍋 Your spirit totem is the lemon, reminding you to focus on solar plexus healing.

💪🏾 Now’s the time to embrace your power, self-esteem and confidence.

🌞 Doing so will allow you to tap into your inner light and truly shine.

🍯 Release any “bittersweet” relationships in your life, especially if you’re spending too much time trying to “sweeten” these energetic entanglements.

🧹 Clear, clean and purify your life this month.

🌀 Clear any patterns or habits that no longer suit your energy.

🌬 Clear the air between you and those you love. Release grudges.

🧼 Clean your house and work environment. This aids in mental clarity and also calls in higher-vibrational energies.

🥗 Purify and detox what you consume. This extends not only to food, but also music, television and the internet.

💡 Brighten your outlook. Stay positive and optimistic. If you don’t believe anything is good, then you’ll miss the golden opportunities around you.

🧘🏾‍ Be patient and don’t cut corners.

🌳 Sustainable growth takes time, perseverance and nurturing to accomplish.

👁 Everything around you is a mirror; look each lesson straight in the eye so you can move onto something bigger and better.

🌄 You may be drawn to a higher calling. Listen to your soul’s desire for change and growth.

🙇🏽‍‍ Making a simple decision can change your life’s trajectory. You have to choose when you’re ready. The universe is waiting for that moment of clarity from you.

🔑 Once you’ve made up your mind, “turn the key” and see what’s next. Do it now, not later.

📦 Break free of old ways of thinking. Think outside of the box and break the glass ceiling.

🧗🏽‍‍ Think even bigger and push farther than you’ve imagined possible. Don’t let fear stop you. You can (and will) surprise yourself!

🙅🏽‍‍ Be discerning and don’t say “yes” to the first option that comes along. Do your research.

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