SAGITTARIUS November 2021: It only takes one spark to light a firework—see your idea to fruition!

SAGITTARIUS November 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is comprised of fireworks and a dragon.

  • I was shown a fireworks display, and watched as someone attempted to light it. The initial spark was insufficient, and several attempts were necessary before the spark ignited the fuse.
  • Great ideas need time, patience and (sometimes) revision.
  • One misstep, setback or delay does not mean an idea or path is wrong.
  • Revise. Reimagine. Reignite your vision.
  • Fireworks trace their origin to china. The first fireworks were bamboo stalks that were thrown into a fire, which would result in popping sounds when the hollow air pockets heated up.
  • If you face a real life “pressure test,” find a way to release stress (e.g., music, art, sports, etc.).
  • Saying something sooner than later is best. Don’t let tempers flare; talk early and often.
  • Fireworks are conspicuous and suggest a breakthrough or breakout moment.
  • Like The World or Star card, you have a chance to shine and stand out.
  • Fireworks are also volatile, so avoid a 10 of Swords moment and choose your words wisely.
  • Like The Tower, fireworks are loud, transformative and memorable.
  • You can cause a commotion, a splash or a scene. Control is necessary (i.e., The Chariot).
  • In my dream, I watched a blue-green dragon emerge out of the fireworks display.
  • Blue-green dragons represent spring, clarity, growth, healing, rest and recovery.
  • The transformative Tower moment will pave a path for renewal and invigoration.
  • Qinglong, an azure dragon, is a holy symbol representing the East and Royalty.
  • The sun rises in the East and this symbol reminds us to look ahead, not in the rear view mirror.
  • Making a change can be hard, but it’s worth the effort. Releasing the old makes way for the new.
  • Avoid 4 of Pentacles energy (fear, scarcity mentality) and embrace more expansive thoughts.
  • Just as a dragon’s breath can create or destroy, your thoughts and words do the same.
  • Sagittarius, as a mutable fire sign, both adaptability and flexibility are in your DNA and are your birthright.
  • Let your spark ignite and allow the wind to carry it to a new destination.
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