SCORPIO April 2021: Thoughts are arrows—where are yours aimed? Aim high and shoot or the stars!

SCORPIO April 2021 Channeled Messages: You have a dual totem this month comprised of the rhinoceros and elephant.

The Rhinoceros embodies a mix of strength and gentleness. The latter is often belied by its imposing physical form—namely its thick hide and large horn.

Having a “thick skin” and being able to protect yourself is wonderful. Sometimes, however, the shielding can go too far, and you can block the good as well as the bad.

Come out of your Hermit phase and be open to some of the good stuff that life wants to send your way.

Listen before jumping to an assumption. You may get a new idea or find an unexpected ally.

Slow down and be more present. Drink in each moment. You may find that what you seek is right under your nose.

The Elephant is an auspicious sign; you have the ability to overcome obstacles and change your luck.

Try again! You’re wiser and more prepared to succeed this time.

You’re meant to be seen and heard. Speak up and speak out!

You’re entering a much more fertile and productive period now.

You have a keen ability to sense (sniff out) opportunity, danger and see the truth. Trust your first impression; it won’t lead you astray!

Remember to breathe. Additionally, take care of your nose and sinuses.

Thoughts are arrows; where are yours aimed?

Aim high.

Forgive yourself.

Keep shooting for the stars.

Convection is a process that allows the plates on the Earth to move.

I saw an image of the moon, saw the word convection, and heard the following whisper from my guides: “JUST KEEP MOVING.”

Use your thoughts to direct the momentum this month. Avoid stagnation.

Learn from the past, put it to practice today and THRIVE TOMORROW.

Be an advocate, activist or an agent of change.

Change your environment and move on if needed.

You create new opportunities with each idea and action.