SCORPIO August 2021: Be the source of change—don’t wait for it to come to you. It’s time to own your power!

SCORPIO August 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual totem is lightning and the scarab beetle.

  • In meditation, I connected to the totem of lightning, particularly the electrical charge associated with it. I also heard not just thunder, but the crackling of static as electricity moved through the air.
  • Lightning is an electrostatic discharge between two electrically charged regions. This can happen in the atmosphere or between the sky and Earth.
  • Like this mechanism, you may need a way to channel or release emotions and energy.
  • Find constructive outlets for your energy, such as meditation, dance, exercise, art, therapy, etc.
  • Avoid “charged” conversations, as a Tower or 10 of Swords outcome can result from this.
  • Work with an objective third party, or practice and refine your message.
  • Lightning appears on The Tower and can be an auspicious event—a form of Divine intervention.
  • In its most positive form, lightning is: inspiration, rapid (yet positive) change, or groundbreaking news.
  • Whether it’s a move, change of job, or even a shift in relationship status, lightning signifies an adjustment; action will soon follow!
  • It’s also an encouragement to be the source of the change in your life. In other words, get ahead of, or work with The Tower.
  • A sine or energetic wave, just like the ocean tides, moves us forward. Surf the wave of change that’s traveling through your life at present.
  • While walking my dog, an iridescent beetle flew in front of Apollo and I. It made a high-pitched hum, like a hummingbird, and clarified the lightning totem.
  • Positive change (transformation) is underway. You will exit this situation stronger than you were going into it.
  • The exact type of scarab I saw was a fig-eater beetle, signifying that something sweet will follow the upcoming change. So, be optimistic and open. Expecting something good is a way to attract something good.
  • The scarab is also an ancient Egyptian totem showing cycles of death and rebirth.
  • Move things forward and know that the hard work will be rewarded.
  • Abundance is en route and in motion. It’s cyclical. You are not stuck.
  • I watched as you tiptoed around baby birds. The eggshells are now gone. Nurture and be patient with new love, projects or endeavors. Help them fly.
  • I saw at least 8 baby birds. August will be fruitful and eventful.
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