SCORPIO December 2021: Don’t block change, let it rush in. Now’s the time to build your legacy.

Your spirit totem comprises the full moon, the partial eclipse, Artemis, and the beaver. See 00:04:06 for Channeled Messages.

🎬 Time Stamps: 
00:00:00 Welcome 
00:04:06 Channeled Messages & Spirit Totem 
00:22:20 Celtic Cross 
00:42:50 Expanded Forecast: Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny 
00:59:55 The Big Idea 
01:01:32 Blessings 
01:03:10 Blocks 
01:06:18 Reader's Choice: The Mask - What is the Universe Trying to Show You? 
01:07:54 Viewer's Choice: Two Of Wands / Clear Vision / How Can You Manifest Better? 
01:14:59 Meditation 
01:17:52 Quartz Crystal Pyramid Sound Bath 
01:20:46 Final Card (Answer to Your Silent Question) 
01:25:40 "Thank You" for SuperChats, SuperStickers and New Memberships
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