SCORPIO January 2021: Move up and move on… just keep moving. Use passion to fuel your fire!

SCORPIO January 2021 Channeled Messages: Your animal totem is a humming bird, reminding you to keep moving! Move through fear, doubt or uncertainty. Persevere through any initial setbacks.

Allow your heart, passion and desire to propel you.

Use this newfound velocity to sprint ahead and make up for lost time.

Spread your wings!

Now is the time to try the things on your bucket list. Don’t wait for tomorrow.

Exercise your mind and body. If you’re bored, it’s time to move on.

Pollinate. It’s time to feed your dreams (and your soul).

This will lead to a domino effect that will bring both productivity and abundance.

Drink in the moment. Be fully present and express gratitude.

Prepare for a lightbulb moment (an epiphany).

In a moment of clarity, you may see a possibility that others can’t or won’t see.

A little goes a long way. Offer the insight, but don’t force a connection. Like a lightbulb or plug, if you push too much, you might cause a shock or a short-circuit.

It boils down to frequency; if you’re both vibrating at different frequencies, one party must either ascend or descend to receive the message.

Stay high frequency. Broadcast your message where it’s best received.

Move or recycle anything that is stagnating in your life—especially old objects. Open up the space around you.

Create a blueprint and start to re(build).

It’s time to till the land and set down a new foundation (goals, plants, etc).

Like the 10 of Wands, don’t be afraid to climb a new mountain.

You’re stronger now and you’ve worked hard to open a new portal.

Moving up and moving on is your mantra! What’s your dream or desire? Breathe it into being.