SCORPIO March 2021: Opportunity is knocking, are you ready? Embrace this new cycle of growth.

SCORPIO Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the crow.

It’s reminding you to listen to both external and internal (Spirit) communication. Messages are incoming, but you have to trust yourself.

A new cycle of death, rebirth and creation is upon you. Embrace this transformative period.

There’s a big opportunity for growth, but a trade-off is required. You’ll be able to find the necessary balance.

Word-of-mouth will be vital. If you tap into this correctly, it will aid in business and open up new windows of opportunity.

To that end, people are noticing your deeds; so give them something positive to talk about. This is a time to use ethics and protect your reputation.

Face your fears. You’re an energy alchemist and a lightworker.

Magic and manifestation are something each of us can harness. You’re a magical being—remember that!

Shift the outcome with your thoughts and intention.

Assertiveness and confidence will help in key negotiations. Speak up and stand your ground.

The truth needs to come out, so speak up—doing so will help facilitate the necessary changes to grow and heal.

The throat chakra may be blocked. In addition to meditation, you can heal and open it through singing, speaking, writing and yoga (breath work).

Speak for yourself and let others do the same.

Push back if you’re asked to work with unrealistic goals or deadlines.

Avoid burnout. Take care of your mind, body and spirit.

Advocate and assist others if you have the time, energy and desire.

Increase your grounding and protection during meditation.

Opportunity is knocking. Expect a call, email or visit out of the blue.

Breathe and don’t worry. You’re ready for this!