SCORPIO May 2021: Be creative and start something new. A key friendship may blossom as a result!

SCORPIO May 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual totem this month is the cat and squirrel, with the cat being the most prominent.

The cat embodies the carefree, vagabond energy of The Fool card in tarot.

Like The Fool, this is a time of beginnings. You’re on the precipice of a new journey or chapter in your life.

Rest assured that you can land on your feet, despite any challenges you may face.

If you’re thinking of moving or relocating, explore the area first. Instead of buying, consider renting if you’re unfamiliar with the neighborhoods. The nomadic energy of The Fool may make it challenging to put down roots immediately.

Cats are very closely tied to The High Priestess energy.

Intuition is stronger than usual. Pay attention to signs and symbols.

The cat seemed like a kitten, further reinforcing the energy of rebirth or a new beginning.

Like Bastet, an Egyptian goddess of fertility, this totem represents the Divine Feminine energy of creation.

This is the perfect time to create, birth or release a project or idea. You’re being protected and guided each step of the way.

Increased focus may be placed on home, family, children or personal health as well.

A cat is stealthy. The one in my vision sneaked in through an open window. Focus on tightening your overall security, both in the home and online.

Be ready for a surprise visit, call or connection to enter into your life soon. If it’s a person, there is a lot of chemistry and charisma surrounding them.

The second totem, a squirrel, was digging up spring bulbs and it was sitting just to the side of you, out of the field of vision. Someone in your periphery may be up to mischief, so keep your eyes and ears open.

The squirrel made a mess, but there was no serious damage. Just pay attention to the little details.

It’s time to make fast moves in your life. Like the squirrel, being resourceful will pay off.

Be proactive. Stop a problem before it starts. Don’t wait for the other shoe to fall. You have a chance to course correct now.

I was shown a vision of your baby teeth falling out and adult teeth replacing them. This symbolizes that it’s time to speak your mind and, more importantly, speak for yourself. Use your voice and don’t let others silence you.

Sink your teeth into something you truly care about. It’s time for growth and redirection!

Do more work in the digital arena. Also, google yourself and make sure your privacy and digital footprint is in order, especially since potential employers (and even partners) will look at this.

With increased visibility, comes increased pressure to do what others want. Don’t lose track of your unique voice, vision and magic. Stay true to yourself.