SCORPIO November 2021: Negotiation is a dance. It’s your turn to take the lead!

SCORPIO November 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is sage.

  • As you come out of Mercury Retrograde, this totem reminds you to fully release old patterns.
  • Sage is one of many herbs that can be used to smudge and clear energy, such as cedar, sweetgrass, lavender, copal, frankincense, myrrh and Palo Santo.
  • Make today a clean slate. Don’t focus on the old blocks, focus on what’s possible.
  • White sage, which is commonly used in smudging, is also a major magnet for pollinators, like bees.
  • The act of letting go is an attractive force in your own life (The Law of Detachment). When you’re no longer fixated or attached to a particular outcome, you’re open to an abundance of new opportunities instead.
  • Envision. Do the work. Trust. Release.
  • Boundaries, both physical and energetic, are essential.
  • If buying property or commencing construction on existing land, make sure you have secured the necessary permits, including land or air rights.
  • If you inadvertently step on someone’s toes, do your best to deescalate.
  • Everyone has a different comfort zone. Check in with others before you make a big move. This will give you the support you need.
  • I saw a rising pool of water with rapid currents. Swimming against the current proved impossible.
  • Emotions may prove a challenge. If group consensus is polarized towards one outcome, it may be a tough time for you to turn the tide.
  • Pick your moment wisely. Patience will pay off. Get out if you feel overwhelmed or outnumbered.
  • Negotiation is a dance. Each person takes a turn leading. Take turns and you’ll reach the desired outcome.
  • Simplify and trust your intuition. Don’t overthink.
  • Organize and map out what’s next. Create a plan.
  • Redirect your energy to another task if you feel blocked.
  • You’re a channel and can always reconnect to Source Energy.
  • You’re worthy and ready. Believe in yourself. Others will, too!
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