SCORPIO October 2021: You’re the thread that connects everything. Don’t underestimate that gift!

SCORPIO October 2021 Channeled Messages: Your dual spirit totem is the geranium and its namesake bird, the crane.

  • The word geranium is derived from the Greek word geranos, which means crane. The plant produces bird-like seed pods, so it makes sense that it’s named after a long-necked bird. Native to South Africa, this sturdy shrub is sometimes confused with (or conflated with) pelargoniums.
  • Geraniums have many potential herbal benefits—too many to list here. They may help with stress reduction, boosting the immune system, and easing digestion. They contain anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities. Geraniums are edible and can be used as an insect repellent. Finally, they may improve the health of the hair and skin, and aid in kidney function.
  • Suffice it to say, health should be a priority. The anti-inflammatory properties of the geranium are closely connected to The 5 of Pentacles. Take care of any joint, circulation or calcium deficiencies.
  • This hardy plant reminds you to persevere. Do not give up until the job’s done.
  • Lend assistance whenever possible. You may be inspired to teach, tutor or volunteer. Your contributions are being noticed.
  • Get proper insurance and protection in place.
  • Set proper personal boundaries so you’re not being tapped out energetically or emotionally.
  • Cranes symbolize beauty, harmony and grace.
  • You may find that you’re the glue or the connecting thread that keeps things together this month.
  • Remember to find balance in your life, too.
  • Find things that allow your heart to sing.
  • Cranes are omnivores and eat a varied diet. This is the perfect time to add more variety and balance to your diet as well.
  • Cranes can be territorial during mating season. Do your best to remain open, communicative and to avoid fear. Release the desire to possess or control things. Put the focus on your own internal growth and development.
  • Old relationships will reemerge. It’s time to heal and release any figurative ghosts from your past.
  • I saw a ring, representing a somewhat complicated contract. Try not to force someone’s hand; either they’re in or they’re out. State your intention and let them do the same. Move on if necessary.
  • I was shown a symbol for an investigator. Dig in and do your homework before making any big decision.
  • Revise contracts to suit your needs. Don’t settle.
  • I saw a drill and a clock. Now’s the time to release old karma.
  • Remember that with each ending comes a new beginning… it’s just waiting for you to take the first step.
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