SCORPIO September 2021: Be bold and step into the spotlight; An opportunity awaits if you’re ready!

SCORPIO September 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the peacock. This divine masculine symbol reminds you to be bold, take action and step into the spotlight.

  • The iridescent feather coloration on peacocks is achieved by microscopic crystal-like structures which reflect different wavelengths of light depending on their arrangement.
  • The crest (crown) of a peahen, has sensors to pick up the sound frequency a peacock makes when it shows off its trademark fan. In effect, peafowl use high-frequency communication to find a mate.
  • This can also mean that someone gets stuck in your head or thoughts (7 of Cups).
  • Tune into what is really being said. There may be subtle messages that go unnoticed. Body language, eye contact, word choice and tone are key components. Listen!
  • Like hummingbirds and butterflies, peacocks are high frequency creatures. Movement and change are en route.
  • Peacocks shed their tail feathers at the end of summer as a part of molting.
  • Release the old baggage that is tethering you in place. Lighten your load energetically and environmentally, as needed.
  • My guides showed me a pending or approaching movement, 2-3 months in the future. I was shown a door that was blocked or barricaded shut.
  • Clear out fear, set your intentions, and open yourself to the possibilities. Ask the tough questions to get the answers you need.
  • I saw a dance ensue, with both partners taking turns leading and following. Collaboration and partnership is a cosmic dance of give and take.
  • Slow down and give yourself a chance to rest, recharge, and (most importantly) dream!
  • Act as if the dream is already a reality.
  • Your belief is magnetic.