Special Bonus Reading | New Month, New Moon, New Energy • Everyone is Welcome • June 2022

Time Stamps: 
00:00:00 Welcome & Intro 
00:03:15 Channeled Messages 
00:15:15 Akashic Records: What's Calling To You? Where Can You Hit Reset Button? 00:21:28 Akashic Records, Part 2: How can you solve the challenges in front of you? 
00:27:46 Why should you hit the reset button? What's the opportunity? 
00:37:41 The Question You're Afraid To Ask 
00:42:15 The Question You're Afraid To Ask, Part 2: Answers/Solutions 
00:52:04 Should You Stay or Go? 
00:53:59 Should You Stay or Go? (Part 2): Answers/Solutions 
01:03:20 New Moon (Past, Present, Future) 
01:07:46 New Moon (Full Celtic Cross) 
01:23:13 Expanded Forecast (Health, Wealth, Love & Destiny) 
01:43:05 Big Idea 
01:46:42 Energy - Right Here, Right Now 
01:53:22 Thanks/Gratitude for Members, SuperStickers & SuperChat