TAURUS April 2021: The inner growth is done—now it’s time to make a commitment & put down roots!

TAURUS April 2021 Channeled Messages: Your spirit totem is the Amaryllis. Its name means to shine or sparkle, reminding you of your own resplendence.

Some varieties of this plant start off as a bare blossom, devoid of leaves. Like The Star card in Tarot, the flower stands strong and tall on its own.

It’s time to step into your power and command attention. Don’t mute your light for anyone.

In my dream, the bare Amaryllis bulb was sprouting upward, getting ready to bloom, but it lacked roots. The roots symbolized a decision that needs to be made… a commitment.

There was a combined sense of urgency and opportunity. Much of the hard work has been done—namely, the internal growth—all that’s required is action on your part.

Believe in yourself, nurture your dream and FEED that dream every day!

In Australia and South Africa, the Amaryllis bulb grows and blooms close to Easter, giving it a strong connection to the transformative energy of death, birth and re-birth.

In short, if you’ve tried and failed before, try again. This time the energy is more supportive of your endeavor.

Your guides are coming through; stay open and attentive to the subtle signs they’re delivering.

The message they relayed was simple: don’t wait until it’s too late. Take that leap of faith now. If not now, then when?

You will have a chance to help others in the future. Do it! Service is a great exchange and it opens up more abundance to you. This includes art, curriculum, mentorship, and any sort of volunteer work.

Release fear and let Spirit know how to show up for you. Work with your Divine gifts.

This is a great time for creative types! Let the inspiration flow through you.

In everyday communication, do your best to tailor your message.

Listen, meet the person where they are, and then lift up the conversation. Small steps still amount to progress!

In a new job or partnership, get to know the other person (and let them get to know you). Each side has hidden gifts or skills that may be under-utilized if you don’t spend time breaking the ice.

Speak-up and express interest if you’re being passed over for an opportunity.

There’s a chance to make a short-term contract either longer or permanent.

Money isn’t the only currency. Measure the opportunity by how it makes you feel and grow.